Sunset Elmo Buggy, East Broadway, NYC, 2016
Black and White Street Photographs of people crossing East Broadway "Sunset Street" in China Town, New York City.

Sunset Elmo Buggy, East Broadway, NYC, 2016

East Broadway can easily be considered as New Yorks Street Photography Sunset Street. Especially during March and September the Sun is lower on the horizon and the sunset times align pretty much with the direction of the street. This is an excellent time and place for back light or sidelight Street Photography!

East Broadway Sunset Street

Shadowcasters - Exif Data: 1/400sec - f/16 - ISO-1600

Step Over Puddle, East Broadway, NYC, 2016

Pedestrian Crossing, East Broadway, NYC, 2016

Below is a top down map view of E Broadway, showing the alignment of the Sun (orange line) in March and September. The screenshot was made using The Photographers Ephemersis, a mobile and desktop app showing sunrise and set times on Google Maps for any time.

The Photographers Ephemersis Screenshot
Sun position along East Brodway Street on March 11th. 2016 (TPE App Screenshot)

Check out the shot from Sunset Street below: