Black and White Portrait of Louis Mendes, famous Polaroid Photographer in New York City
Portrait of Louis Mendes, Polaroid Street Photographer based in New York City. Made with a Ricoh GR 28mm wide angle lens.

In between 2015-2018 I met Louis Mendes several times on the streets of New York City. He is a legendary and true Polaroid Street Photographer. Armed with a large Speed Graphic Camera and attached Light-Bulb Flashgun he was offering instant portraits for those interested.

Meeting him once in front of B&H I happily accepted the offer and received a well lit and lovely packed intant polaroid portrait. In returen I asked Mr Mendes if I could make his portrait.

On another occasion I met Mr. Mendes standing on the corner of 5th Avenue and West 42nd Street. First I made some shots from behind trough the glass window of the cornering building. In the corner of his eye Mr. Mendes noticed me. I continued shooting frames with different people passing by.

After the trough the window scene I switched over to 5th Avenue and asked him for another portrait. This time a more enviromental one.