Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales

After finishing the Dientes trekking circuit we decided to start the journey North with a direct flight from Puerto Williams to Punta Arenas. It was the fastest and cheapest way to get from the Island without heading trough Ushuaia again. Another way was to take the three day ferry to Punta Arenas. It supposed to be a beautiful cruise trough the glacial fiords and much cheaper, but it was sold out way ahead.

On the Dientes track made friends with Jorge and Catalina from Santiago de Chile. They invited us to stay at their rented Airbnb house in Punta Arenas for one night.

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From Ushuaia to Puerto Williams

An inland flight brought us from Buenos Aires to the last Argentinian city Ushuaia. I spotted a happy tear in Joannas eye as the jet descended trough the clouds. The rocky, snowy hills of Tierra del Fuego became visible beneath our small window. While Jo was realizing that her dream had just become reality I was astonishing realizing how much flexibility an airplane wing needs to provide in order to fly in extreme windy environments. The plane jumped and shaked quickly in various directions, we held hands and felt the force of fuego winds for the first time. It got pretty scarry for a while!

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