New Year's Eve 2018 in Barcelona

Albert, Sylvia & Dani fetched me and Joanna from the Airport in Barcelona. We arrived heavy loaded with our backpacks on just after midnight of December 30th. We would stay at Albert’s place in Terrasa but first the car needed Gasolina!

After starting the next day with deep fried Churros we went out to discover Terrasa.


After resting it was time to hit the tramway and go partying the new year’s Eve in Soho The Club, downtown Barcelona! We danced to raeggetonized beats, got drunk and said sayonara to 2017!

2018 began with waiting for the train home, sleeping half the day and walking a bit trough the empty streets of Terrasa.

On January 2nd we went to see Salvador Dali’s famous Park Guell. Things have changed since my last visit to this place in 2013. One has to pay a entrance fee to see the popular terrace and only half of it is accessible because it is beeing deconstructed for renovations to come.

We passed the terrace and went further up the hill. It got quiter and less populated as we wandered trough the park. The weather was unusually warm, about 16*C or so (just wandering if the phrase “unusually warm” is beeing monitored by big data analysis companies). While resting on the top we enjoyed a magnificent panorama and sunset view over Barcelona.

Only a couple of landmarks stick out of the sea of Barcelonas roofs. The Sagrada Famlia is one of them and only an half an hour walk away from the top of the Park Guell mountain. Impressive and still in the making!

It was time to go home to Terrasa. The subway under the Sagrada Familia was pretty familiar looking to some ones in New York City, narrow and noir.

Only a half hour drive from Terrasa is Montserrat mountain. It’s a popular outdoor daytrip destination in Catalonia. We woke up early, switched sneakers for hiking boots and went with Albert and Dani on the trail to the Montserrat monastery. It took us around 6 hours including breaks to finish the moderate, 13km long trek.

We ended the hike just as the sun was setting behind some distant hills while illuminating the clouds in deep red and yellow colors.

On January 4th it was time to say goodbye. We checked trough the lush airport security at 6 in the morning and got immediately surprised by a 2 hour flight delay. Fortunately the airport has quite a few spacious seat zones where we could rest before the 14 hour long flight to Buenos Aires.

Muchas Gracias Albert!