Making Of Interview with Marco Crinitis photograph of a storm about apartment buildings made in Torino 2017. Finalist in Italian Street Photo Festival 2018.

About Marco Criniti

Marco Criniti is an Italian photographer, born and based in Torino, Italy where he works as a freelance photographer. It was this work that prompted Marco to approach the street photography world at the tail end of 2016. In 2018, Marcos photograph of a weather storm above apartment buildings had made it as a finalist in the Italian Street Photography Festival. We interviewed him to learn the making of story behind this shot.

Making Of

Where and when did you make the photo, was it a familiar or new location to you?

In my city, Torino, 2017. It was in a familiar place – my girlfriend’s house, just outside on the balcony.

What was happening in the situation and what inspired you to start photographing it?

At first, the weather caught my eye because there were lots of non-stop thunders in the air as well as the man on the right side who was next to a light source. He saw I was there, but he didn’t plan anything with me for the shot.

Did you prepare or was it spontaneous? What were your thoughts and actions?

I thought a little before shooting. I realized that catching lightning (thanks to the fact that there was lots of them) could have been good if matched with the illuminated man – trying to create some interesting effect together. The motion blur on him was a natural consequence of a slow shutter speed exposition created by his own movements. I made, in total, 3 shots; 2 of them were really bad.

What camera, lens, and settings did you choose?

I used, in the past, only the GH4 with a 28 mm equivalent lens, slow shutter speed, low ISO, maximum lens aperture.

Were you happy with the image? Did it come out as you imagined?

For sure I did not think what would have been the final result, but when I saw the image, I felt satisfied. A good surprise.

What post-processing did you do, if any?

Only classical post-processing steps; focusing the attention mainly on highlight points.

Could you have done anything different given the second chance?

In this case I think, differently from my usual auto-point of view, all the “desired coincidences” work well together; so I’m enough satisfied by the final result.

Thank you for your time and the Interview Marco!

This Interview was also published in the Flickr Group Street & Repeat Cafe

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