Mobile People is my first documentary photo project about people preoccupied with devices, constantly multitasking between here and there.

I was inspired by the free E-Book “Focus – A simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction” by Leo Babauta to use some of my mobile people photographs to illustrate important findings made by the author.

It´s a new Lifestyle!

“Being connected, getting information all the time, having constant distractions… it has all become a part of our lives.”

It´s an Addiction!

“When we check email and get a new message, it´s a little bit of validation that we´re worthy of someone else´s attention, and so we check again, and again until we´re addicted”

It´s an Expectation

“Some people are expected to be available all the time […] and respond immediately – or they´re out of touch, or not so good business people.”

Mobile People in the Age of Distraction

“Others are expected to be available for instant messaging or Skype chats,…

or be on social forums or social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.”

New York City, Street Photography, age of distraction, looking at smartphone, mobile people, multitasking, preoccupied, ricoh gr, techneck, using mobile phone

“And going against that expectation is immensely difficult for many people…

…it requires courage, or a willingness to be an arrogant prima donna.”

People smoking cigarettes and looking on smartphones at the same time