Two of my Polaroid Images were printed in this years Photodarium and Photodarium Private 2023 Calendar editions.

  • In Photodarium a melded polaroid image on Earths hottest day on record 56,7*C on July 10th (1913).
  • In Photodarium Private “Hot Tub Day” on February, 4th.

Open Call for Polaroid Entries 2025!!

Every year Seltman & Söhne (the producers of Photodarium) organise an Call for Polaroid Entries for the upcoming Photodarium Calender edition. Entries are free of charge and start on September 1st. To participate head over to select your day(s), upload your polas and add some fun decription text. Wait for it and (if selected) be happy about a free calendar copy + discount code heading your way in May/April 2024.