Ricoh GR Adobe Lightroom DNG RAW Lens Correction Profile Preview Animation
Free download of the Adobe Lightroom and Camera RAW Lens Correction Profile (.LCP) File for Ricoh GR DNG files. Geometric correction only.

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw does not include a geometric Lens Correction Profile for the Ricoh GR I & II RAW .DNG files.

I created a geometric Lens Correction Profile file using the free Adobe Lens Profile Creator.

How to install a .lcp file.

  1. Download the zipped Lens Correction Profile fileRICOH GR (18.3 mm f2.8) DNG  f11 Geometric
  2. Unzip and copy the file into the respective App Data Folder of the current user
    • WIN (copy and paste path:): %APPDATA%\Adobe\CameraRaw\LensProfiles\1.0
    • MAC (browse manually): Macintosh HD / Users / [your username] / Library / Application Support / Adobe / CameraRaw / LensProfiles
  3. The profile should now appear in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

GIF Preview (Click the image below to see a preview of the geometric correction in action)

GIF Preview - Ricoh GR I and II RAW DNG Geometric Lens Correction Profile for Adobe Lightroom - .lcp