Driving from Puerto Natales to El Chalten and visiting the calbing glaciar Perito Moreno

The trekking in Paine Grande was not so grande as we thought. Our next bucket list destination awaited just one border crossing away in Argentina. The big, white and calbing glacier Perito Moreno!

We left Puerto Natales with the bus early in the morning. The border crossing formalities at both border stations (Chile and Argentina) commensed smoothly and after 267km the bus arrived in El Calafate.

In order to see the Glaciar on the same day we had to take another bus immediately. 77km further west could hear the glaciar calbing close by.

Impressive! The size, sounds and general atmosphere. Time seemed to slow down in sight of the collosal ice sheets.

We bewondered the glaciar while exploring it from one side to the other. A network of passages allowed us to see it from different levels.

#glaciar #peritomoreno #argentina 2018 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Whenever we heard the loud sounds of ice cracking, it was almost too late to spot if/where it would break off and fall into the lake. It happened a couple of times during our four hour stay and we could indeed watch how chunks of ice broke away.

Another way to see the calbing action from an even closer distance was to take a ship cruise. Notice how tiny the boat below is compared to the ice sheet. It gives a good impression of how thick glaciers can be.

Walking, sitting, watching, listening and taking pictures was the only thing to do there. After a couple of relaxed hours on the trails we came back with your waste and drove back to El Calafate for the night.