A list of freely available active and discontinued Street Photography Podcasts in English
Listening to Street Photography Podcasts
Listening to SP Podcasts, Photo by Michael Kowalczyk, Buenos Aires 2018

Listening to Street Photography is a great way to keep up with the latest news from the field and have both hands free to continue shooting! We searched the web and put together a list of active and discontinued podcasts dedicated to Street Photography.

PodcastHost(s)SinceEpisodesStatusiTunesRSSWebsiteDedicated or Episodes
The Traveling Image Makers PodcastUgo Cei, Ralph Velascohttp://www.ttim.photo/category/podcast/Episodes
FroKnowsPhotoJared Polinhttp://froknowsphoto.com/?s=street+photography Episodes
Awesome Camera PodcastJoey Readyhttp://awesomecameras.com/?s=street+photographyEpisodes
Street Photography Magazine PodcastBob Patterson201458Activeopen in iTunescopy RSS linkHomepageDedicated
The Candid Frame PodcastIbarionex R. Perello2006489Activeopen in iTunescopy RSS linkHomepageDedicated
Hit The Streets PodcastValerie Jardin2016148Activeopen in iTunescopy RSS linkHomepageDedicated
Street Shots Photography PodcastAntonio M. Rosario, Tom Martinez2014111Activeopen in iTunescopy RSS linkHomepageDedicated
Magic Hour Podcast Jordan Weitzman201635 (some about SP)Activeopen in iTunescopy RSS linkHomepageEpisodes
Out of Chicago PodcastChris Smith54Continuedopen in ITunescopy RSS linkCategory StreetEpisodes
Martin Bailey Photography PodcastMartin Bailey2 / 615Continuedopen in ITunescopy RSS linkCategory StreetEpisodes
Hashtagged PodcastJordan Powers10 / 124Continuedopen in iTunescopy RSS linkCategory StreetEpisodes
Urban Awesome PodcastChris Retro20154Discontinuedopen in iTunescopy RSS link-Dedicated
This Week in Photography / Street FocusValerie Jardin2014105Discontinuedopen in iTunescopy RSS linkHomepageDedicated
StreetPX PodcastRE Casper, Jim Watkins201574Discontinuedopen in iTunescopy RSS linkHomepageDedicated
Streetcast.fm Podcast (GERMAN)Thomas Leuthard56Discontinuedopen in iTunescopy RSS linkHomepageDedicated
Inspired Eye PodcastDon Springer & Olivier Duong201310Discontinuedopen in iTunescopy RSS linkHomepageDedicated
The Halftone PodcastEric Marth? / 19Discontinuedopen in iTunescopy RSS linkHomepageEpisodes

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Those who would like to listen directly to a specific episode stream or download them directly in the browser via my collection: https://player.fm/mikphoto/street-photography-podcasts