Ice Cold New York

Visiting Joanna in New York for the first time in the coldest February since 80 Years!

One WTC Backpacker -

One WTC Backpacker


Manhattan Winter Streets -

Manhattan Winter Streets


Liberty outside -

Liberty outside

Bride -



Metro Musician -

Metro Musician


Mass Transit -

Mass Transit


Metro Station -

Metro Station


Grand Central -

Grand Central


Liberty Kiss -

Liberty Kiss


Closed Manhattan -

Closed Manhattan


East River and Ice -

East River Ice


Spotify Playlist for Global Player Selector on Funkhaus Europa


Each Sunday between 00:00 and 2:00am (UTC +1:00) Lukasz Tomaszewski presents his selection of newly discovered Music and Artists in the Global Player Selector (GPS) Show on Funkhaus Europa Radio Station.

Lukasz´s beatfull music selections often contain unheard artists from South America, Africa and places beyond most mainstream places.

Each live show is available as mp3 stream for just one week after air time and there is unfortunately no legal way to download the show.

I wanted to listen to some of the tunes after the week has passed, so i started to save the online available playlists since End of October 2014.

With the help of Ivy, (a free Spotify Playlists Generator) i converted the playlists and aggregated the available tunes in one big Global Player Selector Spotify Playlist.

Spotify provides only 210 of 630 played tunes since 24.10.2014. That´s a pitiful 33,3333 %, better then nothing!

Have fun with the tunes in the Playlist and listen to the live show! There is always a gem or two inside!


Finding Aral (again)

The Aral Sea will dissapear completely very soon.
Local artists have documented this process and “saved” the remaining Aral Sea on Videotape already.
The Photographs show three scenes from a Videorecording displayed in Ludwigsforum Aachen in December 2014.