NYC-SPC Print Swap 2017

Before leaving NYC for good I had the opportunity to attend the NYC-SPC Print Swap in August 2017. I enjoyed trading photographs with members of the NYC Street Photography Collective and a couple of free beers in between. Next photo prints in different print qualities and sizes a limited amount of self and other made Zines were available for swapping or/or purchasing. Below are some photos from the event. Big thanks to my photo helper (last pic) who took most of the portrait/swap pics.

NYC-SPC Print and Zine Swap Bushwick Community Darkroom 2017

Jorge Garcia

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Documenting AIPAD NYC 2017

Ipad Show 2017 Visitors

Zone of Interest

We visited the annual AIPAD Photography Show in New York City for the first time in 2017. Besides looking at the vast amount of (sometimes repetitive) old masters black and white photo prints we observed the visitors and I documented the happening with my camera.

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Snow Shower New York City

Snow under the 2 Line, Bronx 2016

Snow under the 2 Line, Bronx 2016

Snow was predicted and the clouds delivered! I decided to go on a snow-photo-walk after reading the weather report for Saturday 7th of January 2017. There´s no better equipment to photograph in snow then a waterproof camera. The Olympus Tough is such a camera and it has a build in flash! I made some interesting photographs by using the flash together with the high contrast black and white Art-4 filter. See for yourself and click on Continue reading…

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Suite Summer Festival 2016

Initially we planned to make a bicycle tour to the annual Thunderbird´s Grand Mid-Summer Pow Wow deep inside Queens on July 30th 2016. We changed our plans because of upcoming clouds and ended up under the nearest shelter, just before the rain started to get serious. It was a small tree in the Socrates Sculpture Park and it turned out to be a good choice, because the park was hosting the Suite Summer Festival at the same time!

Suite Dance Festival 2016 in Socrates Sculpture Park New York City

Mobile Music

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