Istanbul Day Four

Another round! …

this time first from the Topkapı-Palace, it translates as Canongate Palace. A huge residence where most of the Ottoman Sultans spend their time while ruling over the Ottoman Empire during at least 600 years. The Palace is like a small Village with loads of different buildings which have their special function, for example the well known Harem. They were not build at once, but added troughout the time. I heard that, what we call Kiosk now is somehow related to the way those buildings are called and build, mostly standalone. The palace is one big Exhibition! Gold, Juwels, Clothings, the Sultans coffe cup, you can experience it all…together with the hordes of people from around the world, which are visiting the Palace. The Sphere beneath catched my attention with all its details and the ceeling paintings. It is located in the Baghdad Pavilion, which acted as the Sultans Starbucks back in the day.

Topkapı Sarayı SphereTopkapı Sarayı TesbihTopkapı Sarayı Dome Ceiling

I didnt make much photos, because each second someone walked trough the frame, annoying. Rather than that, i just imagined how the Sultan chilled on the balcony, watching the ships passing by, just like me :) I must admit, this place has the nicest balconys and views over Istanbuls roofs.

MiK infront Bosporus

But anyway, too much history cant be healty. I went along some narrow streets heading for the Galatasaray Fishmarket.


  • Joanna

    I hope that you bought some chick, handmade Turkish shoes from these guys :)

  • MiK

    Yeah! i left my footprints in concrete and they said that my luxurious sultanslippers made of crocodile leather will be ready the next time i visit Turkey :)

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