Exploring Valleys around Göreme Town

Slowly but steady more and more hissing sounds started to appear in my ear at 5 am, i was wondering…what the …?? But then it came back to my mind what i had read about the specialty in the Cappadocian Region… Balloon rides!! More than 50 Balloons were cruising over the town, heading towards the different fairy chimney valleys. Those crazy Turkish pilots are flying lower then low and even try the most difficult over head maneuvers to impress the passengers, as you can see below :) Such a ride must be super awesome, but then the prices are not that awesome (~ 120€ p.p). I went back into sleeping mode after they went out of sight.

Later the day we went on a walk to explore the different valleys from the ground …

..and found ourselves astonished by the uniqueness of this place, while enjoying delicious fruits, picked up from the gardens on the way.

A local wine grower invited us kindly to visit his place in the middle of nowhere. He also had a “guestbook” with a lot of different entries from around the world. Then he insisted to give Claudile a massage, just like that :o This guy was kind of strange to me, but everybody was fine at the end.


  • tolles farbklima. wär ich so nie drauf gekommen, weil man ja so ein sättigungsfetischist geworden ist :)

  • MiK

    Danke Eckhard! Da kann ich Dir nur raten mal den Regler etwas mehr nach links zu schieben :)

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