Street Talk – 11 Street Photography Podcasts Worth Listening

11 Street Photography Podcasts

11 Street Photography Podcasts

I enjoy to listen to audio podcasts dedicated to Street Photography whenever I can. A majority of the podcast is listed on iTunes and a has a dedicated website. I decided to catalog them in a Street Photography Podcasts list.

Benefit of audio only over video Podcasts

Most people consume information primarily trough the visual channel. The aural, audio only information input can also be a very efficient way because the information transfer is enforced to be processed in linear manner by the brain. Depending on the length, narrative structure and interest in the topic, a listener can stay “tuned in” for a much longer time. Also you will have your free hands to continue shooting!

Street Photography Podcasts List

The list contains links to websites with dedicated street photography podcasts as well as other photography podcasts with episodes that have street photography in their title.

A list of freely available audio podcasts dedicated to street photography.
Title (A-Z)HostLanguageDedicated or Episodes
Hashtagged PodcastJordan PowersEnglishEpisodes
Hit The Streets PodcastValerie JardinEnglishDedicated
Martin Bailey Photography PodcastMartin BaileyEnglishEpisodes
Out of Chicago PodcastChris SmithEnglishEpisodes
Street Photography Magazine PodcastBob PattersonEnglishDedicated
Street Shots Photography PodcastAntonio M. Rosario, Tom MartinezEnglishDedicated PodcastThomas LeuthardGermanDedicated
StreetPX PodcastRE Casper, Jim WatkinsEnglishDedicated
The Traveling Image Makers PodcastUgo Cei, Ralph VelascoEnglishEpisodes
This Week in Photography / Street FocusValerie JardinEnglishDedicated
Urban Awesome PodcastChris RetroEnglishDedicated

Please contribute to the list whenever a entry is still missing by writing in the comments below.

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