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  • Coney Island, I’m dreaming of this place. So much happen here. I was only once in NY and just for 2 days and at this time wasn’t into street photography. Now I really like shooting at the beach. Not that many people on the captures, I guess it should be different during the week end.

  • Hi Jean

    Depending where you are you can get a cheap flight to NY with Island Air via Island. I have seen flight deals starting from $99!
    Coney Island is a special and strange place indeed. It´s super overcrowded in the summer has been photographed a million times, resulting in some original works. I think Bruce Gilden´s Coney Island is the most popular publication to mention here.

    Regarding the amount of people. It is so empty because the photos were made further down the beach. It is in the center, right in front of Coney Island Amusement Park, where the crowds of sunbathers gather. Actually I like it that there are so few, the image is easier to digest and speaks a clearer language.

    Best, Michael

  • Dan Trider

    Hi Michael,

    Interesting shots! They remind me a lot of work by Michael Ernest Sweet. He’s done a lot of Coney Island stuff like this over the past decade. Look him up and you will see the striking resemblance. That aside, I appreciate your being able to get in close to people like that on the beach. I’d think people would be especially guarded when their on a beach in their skivvies. Hopefully I’ll get to visit there one day soon.

  • Hallo Dan

    Thanks for your comment. I know Michael personally, we met in B&H in NYC and he invited my to have a Interview via the Huffington Post.

    I also know his work on Coney Island, some shots are in his book “The Human Fragment”. I find M.Ernst photos to be much different in style then you see here. First they are shot in B&W and secondly, more important they are more edgy, made from a much closer, almost touchable distance. My photos are full body shots of single people lying on the beach under their colorful umbrellas.

    You should visit NYC for sure, the cheapest time to get there from EU is in the early winter. Available light will be short. The good thing about is that it will remain quite low on the horizon, which is good for shooting portraits of people.

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