Body Cap Lenses and Pinhole Lens Caps Comparison List

Body Cap Lenses. Pinhole Can-Camera Portraits, Photoville, New York City, 2016

Pinhole Can Camera Portraits, Photoville, New York City, 2016

Recently I bought the smallest digital Interchangeable Camera System from Craigslist. It´s called Q and it is made by Pentax (now Ricoh). It is so small that the inventive Q from James Bond might had actually co-invented it (if he would be a real person in the first place). Anyway, the Pentax Q System consists of several Interchangeable Lenses and one of them is particularity interesting because it is very very slim, just 6.9 mm. It is the Pentax Q 07 Body Cap Lens aka the “Mount Shield Lens”. What makes it so slim is that is has no movable parts inside. Body Cap Lenses have no focus mechanism and typically no aperture to choose from. Everything is preset and you have to work with what you have. What you gain from this minimalistic Lens-Zen-Design is the opportunity for real Point and Shoot Snapshot-Photography! This lens is by far not the only model around. Read on and view a comparable list of available Body Cap Lenses and Pinhole Lens Caps for interchangeable Camera mounts…

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