Treat Your Ricoh Right – Howto Avoid/Fix Ricoh GR Problems

Ricoh GR Lens Closeup

Ricoh GR Lens Closeup

The Ricoh GR and GR II is a beautifully engineered digital photo camera with excellent optical quality in a small package. It is the smallest and lightest camera with APS-C sized sensor and fixed prime lens!

I bought my GR second hand in 2013. Next to the ten other cameras the Ricoh became my most used camera until today. In total I made 71005 photographs with the GR. That is 52% of all my 135117 of my photos since 2013.

Although it is highly praised and recommended among many popular Street Photographers, technical problems can develop over time. With a high price tag around $500 the GR is not a cheap camera. With proper precautions and care those common problems can be avoided and fixed if necessary.

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