New Year’s Eve 2018 in Barcelona

Albert, Sylvia & Dani fetched me and Joanna from the Airport in Barcelona. We arrived heavy loaded with our backpacks on just after midnight of December 30th. We would stay at Albert’s place in Terrasa but first the car needed Gasolina!

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Eaststreet 4 Book Preview

Eaststreet 4 Book Review

Eaststreet 4 Title Page

Recently I bought the Eaststreet 4 photo book. “The book contains unique selection of contemporary documentary photography from Eastern Europe: 100 photographs on 128 pages, together with two texts, both in Polish and English language.” I took it on a tour trough Aachen and photographed it on various occasions.

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Treat Your Ricoh Right – Howto Avoid & Fix Ricoh GR Problems

Treat Your Ricoh Right - How To Avoid and Fix Ricoh GR Problems

Treat Your Ricoh Right – How To Avoid and Fix Ricoh GR Problems

The Ricoh GR and GR II is a beautifully engineered digital photo camera with excellent optical quality in a small package. It is the smallest and lightest camera with APS-C sized sensor and fixed prime lens!

I bought my GR second hand in 2013. Next to the ten other cameras the Ricoh became my most used camera until today. In total I made 71.005 photographs with the GR. That is 52% of all my 135.117 photos since 2013.

Although it is highly praised and recommended among many popular street photographers, technical problems can develop over time. With a high price tag around $500 the GR & GR II is not a cheap camera. With proper precautions and care those common problems can be avoided and fixed if necessary.

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