Ricoh GR II Closed Shutter Problem

Ricoh GR II Closed Shutter Problem

Ricoh GR II Closed Shutter Problem

I bought a Ricoh GR II in Dec. 2017 and used it as my main travel camera while backpacking in 2018. After one year and approx. 45.000 photographs (~126 per day) the Closed Shutter Problem appeared. 9000 frames later the camera went dead. I already reported about it briefly. Since it happened a second time to my second Ricoh GR camera, I got curious and investigated if other people experienced it too.

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Ricoh GR II vs GR III Comparison

Ricoh GR II vs GR III Comparison Front

Ricoh GR II vs GR III Front View

Post updated Jan.22.2019 (official GR III release date)

The Ricoh GR II successor model GR III was released today on January 22nd 2019.

As longtime Ricoh GR II fan and user, I was curious how the technical specifications and new control buttons layout of the new GR III compares to the older GR II model. My comparison is based on publicly available text and image information and includes only new and changed aspects.

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Intellectual Property Terms of Free Photo Sharing Websites

Intellectual Photo Property License Sharing Comparison

Comparing IP-License Terms of Social Photo Sharing Websites

Intellectual Photo Property Sharing

As photographers, we like to show and promote our work throughout the digital world. Nowadays we won’t come around using social media/photo sharing websites to do so. We have the choice between many web-services/companies and more often prefer free ones. By uploading our content we permit to display and share our works under a set of very specific Terms of Service. The TOS specify in legal terms what the company is allowed to do with our content, our Intellectual Property.

I wanted to know in detail to what I would give permission to when I upload one of my photos to such a free service. Also, I wanted to know what would happen if I decide to remove my content or account.

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Daytrip to Pomaire

Without much sleep inside the terribly cold and cramped overnight bus from Puerto Montt, we were dropped off in the outskirts of Santiago de Chile. We were about to meet and stay a couple of days with our hiking friends Jorge and Catalina which we met on the Dientes de Navarino trek. They kindly invited us to visit them and here we were. It was a sunny Sunday, our friends packed us into their beloved 4×4 Suzuki Jeep and off we went on a day road trip, away from the capital city.

Visiting Pomaire Village

Joanna with our hiking friends Jorge and Catalina from Santiago de Chile in the Village of Pomaire.

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