Intellectual Photo Property Sharing

Intellectual Photo Property License Sharing Comparison

Comparing IP-License Terms of Social Photo Sharing Websites

Intellectual Photo Property Sharing

As photographers, we like to show and promote our work throughout the digital world. Nowadays we won’t come around using social media/photo sharing websites to do so. We have the choice between many web-services/companies and more often prefer free ones. By uploading our content we permit to display and share our works under a set of very specific Terms of Service. The TOS specify in legal terms what the company is allowed to do with our content, our Intellectual Property.

I wanted to know in detail to what I would give permission to when I upload one of my photos to such a free service. Also, I wanted to know what would happen if I decide to remove my content or account.

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Cerro Castillo 4 Day Trekking

In early February 2018 we hitchhiked from Villa Cerro Castillo to the trailhead of the Cerro Castillo trek in Las Horquetas. A signpost at national reserve park entrance reminded us of the 5000 pesos per person entrance fee. In the small house right after the fence, a ranger was waiting for us.

Cerro Castillo National Reserve Entrance Fee Ranger Station

Trailhead Ranger Station

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Hitchhiking around Villa Cerro Castillo

The passenger and car ferry brought us from Chile Chico to Puerto Ibanez in just four hours. The ride was calm but pretty windy outside. Most passengers stayed seated in the passenger cabin.

Chile Chico Puerto Ibanez Ferry People Wind

In Puerto Ibanez a big group of people was already waiting to board the returning ferry. The buses which brought them were now waiting to take new passengers directly north to Coyhaique or the Airport in Balmaceda. None of the buses would drive west to 38km away Villa Cerro Castillo. It was the town we needed to reach in order to go trekking around Cerro Castillo.

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Crossing Borders in Los Antiguos & Camping in Chile Chico

Just after sunrise we arrived to Los Antiguos. It was the final destination for our full overnight bus from El Chalten. All passengers disembarked and almost 90% of them hopped directly on another waiting bus to Bariloche. Our plans were little different, we would hitchhike and cross the nearby border from Argentina to Chile. And indeed we got lucky pretty quickly! A woman who worked at the Argentinian border station gave us a free ride, but only thus far.

Los Antiguos Truck

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