DUBANDBASS 7 Party ft. TRUTH (Deep Medi)

After cutting the reels for several hours, i finished the party video from the DUBANDBASS 7 Party ft. TRUTH (Aquatic Lab, Deep Medi) SCIENCE (Untitled!).

Dj´s Drop-B, Adim, Empfänger (Dub&Bass) @ AZ Aachen on the 23. April 2010. Hope You like it! and come to the next DUBANDBASS episode.

Camera used: Canon HFS100

[vimeo 11395787 800 450]


  • homebrew

    nice video, hard work definitely pays off :) biggup

  • Tomek

    Really well edited :)

    • MiK

      thnx tomek :)

  • i like the rewind, and am wondering that even darth vader has been there…

    • MiK

      oh yes! the dark side was strong this night :)

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