Aachen Tilt Shift Video

Aachen Tilt Shift was my first Tilt Shift Video project which i created for the Urban Styles 3.0 exhibition in the Raststätte Aachen on June 19th 2010.

Cameras used: Pentax K10D and Pentax K7

[vimeo 12880134 800 450]

Little Dragon Twice 16Bit Music Video Experiment with Water

I just love Little Dragons Twice song and even so the 16 Bit remix!

So i took some of my recently shot experimental water footage and created this little music video for it, thats about it :) Hope You like it

Camera used: Canon HFS100

[vimeo 11713133 800 450]

DUBANDBASS 7 Party ft. TRUTH (Deep Medi)

After cutting the reels for several hours, i finished the party video from the DUBANDBASS 7 Party ft. TRUTH (Aquatic Lab, Deep Medi) SCIENCE (Untitled!).

Dj´s Drop-B, Adim, Empfänger (Dub&Bass) @ AZ Aachen on the 23. April 2010. Hope You like it! and come to the next DUBANDBASS episode.

Camera used: Canon HFS100

[vimeo 11395787 800 450]

A day in Aachen told in 240 seconds

This whole day long story about march 31th 2010 (31032010) in Aachen is told in 240 seconds (4 minutes). Each scene is divided in 30 second long segments. The story is displayed in black and white and bound by the original background sounds.

Filmed with a Canon HFS100 Camcorder.

[vimeo 10657468 650 367]