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LUUPS 2016 Books Front Covers Michael Kowalczyk Photography

LUUPS 2016 Books Front Covers

Last week I was very surprised when the postman left three heavy envelopes in front of my door.

Inside were six different proof prints of the now available LUUPS 2016 Art & Coupon City Books. Some of my photographs were already published in the 2012 and 2015 Aachen books but this time I was quite astonished to receive six copies of six different cities: München, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Darmstadt and Münster.

Published Photographs

For 2016 I submitted 10 photographs and 7 were chosen for publications in 6 out of 24 total books.


Waterpainting on the Street


Street Spike


Set Me Free!


Jump and Run

LUUPS-2016-Green-Journey-Michael-Kowalczyk-Photography (3)

Green Journey


Waiting Room Fish


Curious Cabin

Submit you work and get published!

In order to have artistic materials to print, the publishers depend on artists who submit their artwork voluntarily. The deadline for submission for the upcoming year is usually end of June in the current year . To get started register as artists and contact the team. As compensation you will receive a free book copy with each printed piece and a notable discount on the EUR 18,90- retail price.

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