Street Portrait of Louis Mendes

Black and White Portrait of Louis Mendes, Polaroid Photographer in New York City, 2016

In January 2016 I made a portrait of photographer Louis Mendes. He is a New York-based Polaroid Photographer. Armed with a large Polaroid Camera and light-bulb flashgun he was looking for people to photograph just in front of the B&H store. 

After photographing me I asked him if I could make a portrait in return. He agreed and sometime later I had a closer look at the photo which I made using a Ricoh GR 28mm wide angle lens. To my astonishment, it turned out pretty well, see for yourself.

Portrait of Louis Mendes, New York City, 2016

Louis Mendes Polaroid Photographer in New York City, 2016

Mr. Mendes showing me my Polaroid portrait photo, New York City, 2016

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