Fort Tilden Ocean Waves Silhouettes

black and white, boy jumping silhouette, ocean waves splashing

Black and White Photographs on a sunny summer day at the Fort Tilden Beach on New York City´s Rockaway Peninsula.

The wind was stronger that day and so were the waves! Many people, including me, enjoyed to play in the waves, to surf them without a board, just jumping into an incoming one and letting the power of the wave do the rest. Body surfing needs a lot of energy! After 30 minutes I went out of the water and started to capture some of the action.  The long beach setting is the perfect opportunity for a telelens! Using my trusty Pentax K-5 with the cheap and sharp Tamron 70-300mm lens I crouched down into the surge and here are the results:

Boy jumping into ocean waves.

black and white, man jumping silhouette, ocean waves

Jumping with joy into the waves.

black and white, legs in waves silhouette, upside down

Inside out legs sticking in the ocean ground.

black and white, blurred silhouettes standing, ocean waves splashing, rockaway beach

Ocean wave crushing high above blurred silhouettes figures standing on the beach.

black and white, flying arms silhouette, ocean waves crushing

Boy trying to jump over a crushing wave

black and white, happy silhouette, ocean waves splashing

Man enjoying his bath in the splashing water drops

black and white, ocean waves, people bathing silhouettes, rockaway beach, seabird flying

People silhouettes walking along the beach and standing in splashing ocean waves

black and white, ocean waves drops, rockaway beach, woman thinking silhouette

Woman thinking in-front of ocean waves

black and white, handstand silhouette, ocean waves splashing, rockaway beach

Faraway handstand silhouette on the beach

black and white, ocean wave drops, rockaway beach, walking silhouettes

Thousands of water droplets crushing on the beach.

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