Curious students question Photographer Mark Mann about the celebrities behind the Luminaries portraits in Photoville 2015
Become a volunteer on Photovillle Education Day and discuss photo works with students and internationally renowned photographers.

Guide and inspire schools students while discussing exhibition subjects with internationally renowned Photographers on Photoville Education Day!

Each year Photoville Education Day welcomes 300 students from New York City schools for a photo-based field trip “designed to inspire, enlighten and entertain.” A Photoville Volunteer is assigned to each students group and guides them along a prepared path to specific education related exhibition containers where exhibition artists themselves give insights in their work and give opportunity for discussion as well as critique.

I was a volunteer on Photoville Education Day 2015
Group photo with my Group #21 from Rockaway Public School 256.

Why should You volunteer on Education Day?

  1. You´ll have the chance to get to know students and teachers interested in photography and exchange each others views and inspirations.
  2. You will have the opportunity to talk to renowned Artists whereas they are not always available during normal Photoville days.
  3. Your help as Volunteer will be much appreciated by the Photoville Team as well as the other Volunteers
  4. You can keep your limited edition Photoville T-shirt :)

Photoville Education Day 2015:

Too young to wed discussion on Photoville Education Day 2015
Too young to wed discussion on Photoville Education Day 2015

Stephanie Sinclair from National Geographic discussing her work about child marriage “Too Young to Wed” with the students.

Students asking Mark Mann about his celebrity portraits works on Photoville Education Day 2015

Curious students question celebrity Photographer Mark Mann about his personal insights from the “Luminaries” portrait series.

Debi Cornwall explaining her Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play project during Photoville Education Day 20152015

Photographer Debi Cornwall explains students her motivation to work on “Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play (Gitmo on Sale)” in Guantanamo Bay.

Free meal for Photoville staff and volunteers after Education Day 2015

All volunteers enjoy the free lunch after six hours of work.

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