Cerro Castillo 4 Day Trekking

In early February 2018 we hitchhiked from Villa Cerro Castillo to the trailhead of the Cerro Castillo trek in Las Horquetas. A signpost at national reserve park entrance reminded us of the 5000 pesos per person entrance fee. In the small house right after the fence, a ranger was waiting for us.

Cerro Castillo National Reserve Entrance Fee Ranger Station

Trailhead Ranger Station

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Trekking the W-Trek in Torres del Paine

By the end of November, we decided to do the W-Trek in Torres del Paine. It is the most advertised and popular hiking destination in southern Chile. To trek there one has to sleep at specific campsites and those need to be booked way ahead. The demand is high! Only a limited set of camping spots were left for our flexible visiting window in January. Some of the available booking options forced us to include meals as well. It was something like, no meal? no camping!

The booking involved two websites and a meticulous (where to sleep when and which campsite is available) tour building process. A helpful blog post how to do it is available here. All planning/booking was done backward, starting with the Torres as the goal. We read somewhere that waking up at 4 am, hiking and watching the sunrise by the base of the Torres should be considered as the trekking highlight.

Getting to Paine Grande National Park

The western entry checkpoint of the Paine Grande National Park is easily reachable within a few hours long bus ride from Puerto Natales. The first campsite, however, is still a couple of hiking hours away. Some like to walk from the entry checkpoint, we booked a bus that drove us further, to the last stop by the ferry.

Trekking the W-Trek in Torres del Paine

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Dientes de Navarino 5 Day Trekking

Day 1 – Trailhead to Laguna del Salto

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Two days after arriving in Puerto Williams we decided to start the Dientes de Navarino trek on January 14th 2018. Clouds and rain in the morning weren’t the most motivating conditions to begin with. Cecilia from Camping El Padrino was providing all trekkers with a free shuttle service to the trail head around 10am. We mounted the rain covers over our prepacked 13kg backpacks and boarded the bus together with other starters.

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