From Malatya to Olympos

About 1000 km kilometers lie between Nemrut Mountain and the small beach “town” of Olympos.

Its up to You how you collect them, but be aware! choosing a train is not always the best idea (especially not directly after Ramadan Bayram, which is nationwide celebration and holiday time)

Round one – Malatya to Adana by Train

Lucky us (Shigaru, a traveler from Japan and me) did just that, not knowing that almost a whole town of families, who returned home after their holidays, had the same idea. It ended up in a 10 hour long train ride from Malatya to Adana, covering the incredible distance of 385km ^_^

Together with fully loaded families (carrying sacks of any kind of agricultural products) we all had to squeeze into the train waggon and cabin right from the beginning.

train wagon full with people on the way to adana

Imagine a cabin for 6 people, now add 3 more and sit still on your ass for 10 hours…if you cant, someone else will be on your seat, faster then light ;)
Well that is not much of a drama by itself, but little aggressively crying and hyperactive mooving children ARE!

A strange environmental-behavior “fact” i noticed in that train:
The people were not willing to collect their garbage in trash bags …they just open the window or door and throw it ALL OUT, just like that …”out of sight, out of mind”
They just did not bother, and we could not understand, WHY?

After all the the train reached Adana at night and before checking in into an ashtray of a hotel room for the night, we enjoyed one famous culinary specialty from Adana,  the Adana Kebab!  (at 11:30pm the kitchen was already closed,  but in Turkey:…if you want Kebab.. you get Kebab! Delivered from another restaurant by a scooter driver ;)

Round two – Adana to Antalya by Bus

While 10 hours on a short distance train can be a real torture, a ride in a fully airconditioned and multimedia-enabled overland bus will never get boring (not only because of the cam-ripped cinema movies they show on the onboard video-system) they also offer freee WiFi! ;)

The bus drives along the coast, on curvy mountain roads with hell load of curves, up and downs and awesome top down views just a meter away on the left hand side.

Some people do really not enjoy this at all and try find their balance between puking and sleeping :<

Round three – Antalya

The bus arrived in Antalya at night. Another free service bus brought passengers into the town center. From there it was a short walk and i´ve found a small private pension for the night.

By day Antalya is…

Round four – Antalya to Olympos

A small “local” Bus fully cramped with people and stuff drives from the central Busstation along the Coast towards Olympos. After some time the bus stops next to a panoramic Cafe where another Transporter is already waiting to drive down to Olympos. And because Olympos is not a town, but more like a loong street one has to know where (the name of the place of stay) to drop of.

I didnt know where to stay in the first place, so i started talking to a Turkish guy. He told me to go out at Alaturka Pension, and so i did. It turned out to be really fine place to stay!

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