From Istanbul to Kayseri by Nighttrain

Recently i started to read a lot about Istanbul as the gateway for a lot of travelers to all kind of destinations in the middle East and Asia. Especially the late 1960s hippie trail is a funny story to read about. Starting in Istanbul, leading on land all the way trough Iran, Afghanistan and so on towards India and even Australia. Reading a lot of these stories i thought about my own travels and that i should continue to travel, at least here on my Blog ;) But definetly my future travel plans are getting more and more ingnited by reading such traveler stories from the past.  Also i met a guy called Dirk a couple days from now in Göreme and currently he is traveling this kind of route. You can follow his voyage on his blog But until then i had to get to Göreme first :)

The last day in Istanbul started as the first, with rain.. Luckily the idea of buying a rain poncho and leaving the real rain jacket at home came out very handy. The poncho covered me, my whole backpack and weighted merely 250g.


What to do i a rainy situation like this? The train leaves at 18pm, so plenty of time…but for what? …for Modern Istanbul !:) A Museum for modern art… And it was really like modern from the beginnig on, because there were NO cameras allowed inside haha :P

I never spent such a long time before in a museum building, like 6 hours, i dont remember after all, but it was good. Some nice contemporary photography and video works, as well as the permanent works of some big names in the turkish art scene history. And here is one of my contemporary contributions :)


On the way to the trainstation..


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