Street Photography Coaching

Street Photography Coaching

From my own experience in education I found that learning goals are achieved best, when the learning process is accompanied by a Coach or Tutor. This applies especially to all practice oriented endeavors, such as Photography.

The broad palette of technical possibilities and visual opportunities and can become overwhelming quickly. If you feel that you could use some help and guidance, then a individual workshop might me just the right thing to begin with!?

Coat, Hat and Smoke, Street Photography, New York City

Coat, Hat and Smoke, Street Photography in New York City

Preparation, Practice and Feedback.

  • Preparation
    • Online meet and greet, look at older and recent work to get an idea of the students knowledge and styles.
    • Learning about the individual goals of the student and how we can improve your goal(s). (E.g. learn how to: select appropriate camera settings / choose a lens / use zone focusing / get closer, …)
    • Arranging Date, Time and Meeting point in a preferably busy location.
  • Shooting Practice
    • Walking, shooting, talking and enjoying our Street Photography experience.
  • Review & Feedback
    • Review, discussion and selection of the BestOftheDay shot(s) for a possible (online-) publication.
    • Discussing possible improvements and finalizing the day.


  • Send me an email to I will get to you withing a day or two!


  • € 40,- / hour