Making Of Smokey Coat Men

Smokey Coat Men won the monthly Pentaxforums Photo Award in May 2018. Theme: “People, Candid or Street”

I was asked to describe the making of the photo for a post in the forums. I found it to be good excercise to reflect on it. This repost will be under a new blog category called “streetphototip“. I already run it on Instagram @streetphototip and will expand the project here.

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NYC Subway Indoor Street Photography

NYC Subway Street Photography

NYC Subway Street Photography

Sleeping and Indoor Street Photography in NYC Subway Cars is permitted by the MTA, as long as you do not use support equipment like tripods or extra lights. To stabilize your shot choose higher ISO and/or wait until the train stops at a station.

US Street Photography Law

Streetphototip US Street Photography Law

Photographing the Police is legal as long you do not obstruct their duties

By US law you are allowed to make photographs in public, including the Police as long as you do not obstruct their lawful duties. An in-depth summary and example cases of Street Photography situations and the United States law is available under