Ricoh GR II Closed Shutter Problem

Ricoh GR II Closed Shutter Problem

Ricoh GR II Closed Shutter Problem

I bought a Ricoh GR II in Dec. 2017 and used it as my main travel camera while backpacking in 2018. After one year and approx. 45.000 photographs (~126 per day) the Closed Shutter Problem appeared. 9000 frames later the camera went dead. I already reported about it briefly. Since it happened a second time to my second Ricoh GR camera, I got curious and investigated if other people experienced it too.

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Ricoh GR II vs GR III Comparison

Ricoh GR II vs GR III Comparison Front

Ricoh GR II vs GR III Front View

Post updated Jan.22.2019 (official GR III release date)

The Ricoh GR II successor model GR III was released today on January 22nd 2019.

As longtime Ricoh GR II fan and user, I was curious how the technical specifications and new control buttons layout of the new GR III compares to the older GR II model. My comparison is based on publicly available text and image information and includes only new and changed aspects.

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Treat Your Ricoh Right – Howto Avoid & Fix Ricoh GR Problems

Treat Your Ricoh Right - How To Avoid and Fix Ricoh GR Problems

Treat Your Ricoh Right – How To Avoid and Fix Ricoh GR Problems

The Ricoh GR and GR II is a beautifully engineered digital photo camera with excellent optical quality in a small package. It is the smallest and lightest camera with APS-C sized sensor and fixed prime lens!

I bought my GR second hand in 2013. Next to the ten other cameras the Ricoh became my most used camera until today. In total I made 71.005 photographs with the GR. That is 52% of all my 135.117 photos since 2013.

Although it is highly praised and recommended among many popular street photographers, technical problems can develop over time. With a high price tag around $500 the GR & GR II is not a cheap camera. With proper precautions and care those common problems can be avoided and fixed if necessary.

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Ricoh GR Zone Focusing Tips for Closeup Street Photography

Using Ricoh GR Snap Zone Focus Tips Street Photography

Candid closeup street portrait against bright sunlight – NYC, Ricoh GR

(Last update March 19th 2019, adding GR III info)

Today I like to share with you my Ricoh GR Zone Focusing Tips for Closeup Street Photography using Snap Focus, Full Press Snap Focus and Manual Focus Mode.

The tips are especially useful when shooting in fast-paced, closeup situations where you can not rely on the slow Auto Focus performance. To get an impression of such situations consider watching a short documentary video about Jeff Mermelstein´s or Bruce Gilden´s working approach. Both are renowned Street Photographers from New York City. Notice how near and quickly they make their pictures!

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