Coney Island Sunbather

Coney Island Sunbathers

Lonely Sunbathers on Coney Island Beach in July 2016

NYC Diptychs

The sequence plays with the connection of image pairs by relying on visual analogies and discrepancies, both on the image to image and pair to pair level.

New York Vertical City

Portraits of people in midst of high-rise buildings in New York City

Grand Central Conductors

Portrait Photography Series of Metro North Conductors standing in their train window in Grand Central Terminal Station, New York City

Smartphone Smokers

Smartphone Smokers is a street photography series of people standing, smoking and using their smartphones at the same time in New York City.

Barcelona Street Photography coastline, dense forest trees glade, mountain woods, park Guinardo, torre agbar

Barcelona 2013

Street Photography in Barcelona in July 2013. Shot using the Olympus XZ-1 Compact Camera.

Film Photography

Analog 35mm Film Photography.

Short Street Stories Book 2019

“Sweet of Street” in the Short Street Stories Book by Exhibit Around, published in 2019.

URBAN unveils the City and its Secrets Book Vol.5 2019

“Medellin Mirror” in the Urban Secrets Book Vol.5. Published by DotART in 2019.

LUUPS-2018-Michael-Kowalczyk-Street Photography NYC Mermaid Parade

Luups 2018 Books

Six of my NYC Mermaid Parade 2017 Street Photographs were published in four German LUUPS 2018 Art & Coupon Books

LUUPS 2017 Michael Kowalczyk Street Photography New York City

LUUPS 2017 Books

Eight of my Black and White NYC Street Photographs have been published in seven German LUUPS 2017 Art & Coupon Books.

LUUPS 2016 Michael Kowalczyk Street Photography

LUUPS 2016 Books

Seven of my Street Photographs shot in various places were published in six German LUUPS 2016 Art & Coupon Books.


LUUPS Aachen 2015

Two of my Street Photographs made in Aachen and Maastricht were published in the 2015 Aachen LUUPS Art & Coupon Book

GOLEM Exhibition Catalog Michael Kowalczyk Photography

GOLEM Exhibition Catalog 2016

Photo Publication in the GOLEM Exhibition Catalog 2016 to illustrate Luisa Hall´s text "Avatare".


LUUPS Aachen 2012

My first ever Photo Publication in the LUUPS Aachen 2012 Art and Coupons Book.

Eyecatcher-2-Postkarten-KHG-Aachen-Foto-Wettbewerb-2013-Michael-Kowalczyk-Photography (1 of 1)-3

Eyecatcher 2 Photo Contest 2013

Eyecatcher 2 Photo Contest 2013