Black & White NYC Street Photography Walk with Daniel Schaefer

Urban Street Pirate Smile, NYC, 2016Urban Street Pirate Smile, NYC, 2016

In March 2016 I joined a free Street Photography Walk in NYC. Titled “Street Technique – Finding your flow: Workshop & Photo Walk” and hosted by Daniel Schaefer (Outlier Imagery) in cooperation with Adorama.

After Daniels introductory presentation about the “Inherent Narrative Elements in Street Photography” (Scene, Subject and Detail) our small group went out to photo walk and talk…

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Volunteer on Photoville Education Day

Guide and inspire schools students while discussing exhibition subjects with internationally renowned Photographers on Photoville Education Day!

Each year Photoville Education Day welcomes 300 students from New York City schools for a photo-based field trip “designed to inspire, enlighten and entertain.” A Photoville Volunteer is assigned to each students group and guides them along a prepared path to specific education related exhibition containers where exhibition artists themselves give insights in their work and give opportunity for discussion as well as critique.

I was a volunteer on Photoville Education Day 2015

Group photo with my Group #21 from Rockaway Public School 256.

Why should You volunteer on Education Day?

  1. You´ll have the chance to get to know students and teachers interested in photography and exchange each others views and inspirations.
  2. You will have the opportunity to talk to renowned Artists whereas they are not always available during normal Photoville days.
  3. Your help as Volunteer will be much appreciated by the Photoville Team as well as the other Volunteers
  4. You can keep your limited edition Photoville T-shirt :)

Photoville Education Day 2015:

Too young to wed discussion on Photoville Education Day 2015

Too young to wed discussion on Photoville Education Day 2015

Stephanie Sinclair from National Geographic discussing her work about child marriage “Too Young to Wed” with the students.

Students asking Mark Mann about his celebrity portraits works on Photoville Education Day 2015

Curious students question celebrity Photographer Mark Mann about his personal insights from the “Luminaries” portrait series.

Debi Cornwall explaining her Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play project during Photoville Education Day 20152015

Photographer Debi Cornwall explains students her motivation to work on “Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play (Gitmo on Sale)” in Guantanamo Bay.

Free meal for Photoville staff and volunteers after Education Day 2015

All volunteers enjoy the free lunch after six hours of work.

Do You plan to volunteer or participate in the 2016 Education Program? Sign up for the mailing list at

Exchange your printed photographs on Photoville Print Swap

The Print Swap event at Photoville New York is a fun and free opportunity to show, share and swap Your Photographic Work. Attendees can bring and trade up to 5 photographic prints of any kind. Photoville gives You 2 hours time and a place to connect, discuss and learn about work from other Photographers from all around the World.
Also local Photoville community partners are present to offer information about their services, together with prizes which can be won by random swappers during three tombola sessions.

I attended Print Swap 2015, exchanged all of my 5 Prints and won a great raffle prize sponsored by Gowanus Darkroom!

There were at least 10 other Photographers attending. We looked at each others works, talked about places, scenes and ideas behind each photograph. I enjoyed to get to know new people, exchange opinions and learn from their feedback, exactly what Photoville’s mission is all about, to build networks and support the community.

My five + one Print Swaps

I brought 5 images which i thought would be interesting to share, because of their Eye-catching nature. The prints itself were not top notch quality like some of the fine prints brought i have seen, but they did their job. After all its about connecting!

Nr. 1 –  “Fly out the window” swapped for the “Brooklyn Oriole” by Heather Wolf

A Fly is looking out the Window and dreaming to fly around the whole World for Brooklyn Oriole, Heather Wolf by  Swaping Photo Prints at Photoville 2015

Heater specializes in Fine Art Bird Photography. I like to watch birds too and her super sharp and colorful print was just right to swap! Take a look on her webpage with beautiful local birds from Brooklyn Park: Thank You Heather!

Nr. 2 “Beach fun” swapped for “Banderes” by Erin Danna

Black and White Photographs of Peoples Silhouettes ,playing in the Ocean Waves at Fort Tilden Beach in New York City for Banderes, Erin Kyle Danna by Swaping Photo Prints at Photoville 2015

Erin showed Street Photographs from Barcelona and this one stood out for me the most because of the flags which gave the image a dynamic touch. You can explore more colorful Streets of Barcelona on her Homepage: Thank You Erin!

Nr. 3 “Turtle look” swapped for “Every Damn Night” by Matt Taylor

 for Every Damn Night, Matthem Thomas Taylor by Swaping Photo Prints at Photoville 2015

Matt offered me to swap his yellow cab Street Photograph which i gladly accepted since i like images which are socially critical and engaging. As Digital Artist he has a lot of thoughtfully created work to show on his Website: Thank You Matt!

Nr. 4 – “Fish in room” swapped for photo of his grandfathers house during dawn “Nedham, MA”

A Fish is hoovering in the air in a doctors office waiting room for Nedham, MA by Swaping Photo Prints at Photoville 2015

Unfortunately i have not noted the name of the creator. I swapped that specific image because of the blurred flower as narrative element, which gives the house a gentle “touch”. Thank You!

Nr. 5 – “Walkies Talk” swapped for “Quinn´s Tree” by Tom Boettcher

Silhouettes people with dogs talking to each other while the sun sets in between them for Quinn´s Tree, Tom Boetcher

I suggested Tom to swap my black and white image for his. What i like is the high contrast and clear middle alignment of the organic tree. Thank You Tom!

Nr 6. –  “Beach fun” for “Piazza Venezia” by Simon Griffee

Piazza Venzia, Simon Griffee

Simons black and white photograph of the boy holding a floating balloon was an instant favorite! Everything works together in the image the direction, connection and even the grading. Perfect swap for me but sadly not for Siomon since he wanted an image i had already reserved for another swapper.

Siomon has got a lot of great black and white Street Photographs on display on his Homepage: Thank You Simon!

Winning a Workshop donated by Rachel, owner and founder of Gowanus Darkroom.

Gowanus Darkroom is a community oriented non profit organization with instructors, space and equipment required to learn and practise pre-digital photographic processes. This will be the perfect opportunity to start developing my own black and white prints. My refrigerated rolls of film are just waiting to be exposed and now is the time! Thank You Rachel!

I will post my Darkroom experience in a future post.