Fixed Prime Lens Cameras Comparison List

Ricoh GR Compact Camera

Ricoh GR – Compact Fixed Prime Lens Camera

My goal was to find a compact camera for everyday photography, with a wide-angle field of view and a fast, integrated prime lens. I wanted the best possible image quality in relation to a small body size/weight for a reasonable price.

Using DPreview´s camera feature search I identified and compared all camera models that are equipped with an integrated, fixed prime lens and sensors equal to or bigger than APS-C. My comparison showed that the Ricoh GR 3 is the smallest and Ricoh GR2 the lightest fixed Prime Lens Camera currently available. Read on and compare yourself…

All technical specifications would be meanness if not put into practical use, for example in form of a laboratory or real life shooting test. Wherever possible I also listed review ratings, provided by popular gear review websites and linked them to the respective source pages.

Comparison Summary:

  • The fastest aperture f-stop is f/1.7 (Leica Q,X & X-U)
  • The widest prime lens is 21 mm (Sigma dp0)
  • The longest prime lens is 75 mm (Sigma dp3) .
  • The lightest camera weights 245 g (Ricoh GR)
  • The smallest camera body volume is 224 cm³ (Ricoh GR3)

Compare yourself!

All fixed prime lens cameras are sort-able (alphabetic or numeric), just click on one of column titles. Narrow down the results instantly, for example by writing a manufacturers name in the search box (top right).

Model (A-Z)Sensor
Focal length (FF equiv.)Min. f-stopVolume cm³Weight gImaging
Resource Rating
DPreview Rating
Fujifilm X 70APS-C16 MP28mmf2.8318 cm³340 g4 of 576 %
Fujifilm X 100 FAPS-C24 MP35mmf2.0495 cm³469 gnot rated83 % Gold
Fujifilm X 100 SAPS-C16 MP35mmf2.0507 cm³445 g4 of 581 % Gold
Fujifilm X 100 TAPS-C16 MP35mmf2.0507 cm³440 g4.5 of 581 % Silver
Fujifilm X F10APS-C24 MP28mmf2.8297 cm³279 gnot ratednot rated
Leica Q (Typ 116)Full Frame24 MP28mmf/1.7 967 cm³640 gnot rated80 % Silver
Leica XAPS-C16 MP35mmf1.7757 cm³486 gnot ratednot rated
Leica X 2APS-C16 MP36mmf2.8444 cm³345 gnot ratednot rated
Leica X-UAPS-C16 MP35mmf1.7973 cm³635gnot ratednot rated
Nikon Coolpix AAPS-C16 MP28mmf2.8284 cm³345 g4.5 of 575 %
Ricoh GRAPS-C16 MP28mmf2.8249 cm³245 g4.5 of 579 % Gold
Ricoh GR IIAPS-C16 MP28mmf2.8249 cm³251 g4.5 of 5not rated
Ricoh GR IIIAPS-C24 MP28mmf2.8224 cm³257 gnot ratednot rated
Sigma dp0 QuattroAPS-C20 MP21mmf4.0884 cm³395 gnot ratednot rated
Sigma dp1 QuattroAPS-C20 MP28mmf2.8938 cm³425 gnot ratednot rated
Sigma dp2 QuattroAPS-C20 MP45mmf2.8884 cm³395 g4 of 5not rated
Sigma dp3 QuattroAPS-C20 MP75mmf2.81078 cm³465 gnot ratednot rated
Sony RX1Full Frame24 MP35mmf2.0514 cm³482 g4.5 of 579 %
Sony RX1RFull Frame24 MP35mmf2.0514 cm³482 g5 of 5not rated
Sony RX1R IIFull Frame42 MP35mmf2.0514 cm³507 g5 of 582 % Silver


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