All Street Photography Podcasts List

Listening to Street Photography Podcasts

Listening to Street Photography Podcasts

I enjoy listening to Street Photography Podcasts whenever I can. The freely available podcasts are a great way to learn all about books, events, and people involved in this photographic genre. In this blog post, I put together a link list with still continued and discontinued Street Photography Podcasts.

Street Photography Podcasts List

The table below lists all current and discontinued podcasts dedicated to Street Photography. Additionally listed are podcasts which published some street photography specific episodes. Links are provided for iTunes, RSS import feeds and homepages when available.

A list with links to free Street Photography Podcasts
Podcast TitleHost(s) NameDedicated or EpisodesStreet Photo EpisodesHompage / Street Category linkiTunes linkRSS link for importing in Podcast PlayerDiscontinued or Continued (2018)
Urban Awesome PodcastChris RetroDedicated4Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkDiscontinued
Street Photography Magazine PodcastBob PattersonDedicated10Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkContinued
This Week in Photography / Street FocusValerie JardinDedicated40Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkDiscontinued
The Candid Frame PodcastIbarionex R. PerelloDedicated415Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkContinued
Hit The Streets PodcastValerie JardinDedicated83Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkContinued
StreetPX PodcastRE Casper, Jim WatkinsDedicated64Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkContinued Podcast (GERMAN)Thomas LeuthardDedicated56Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkDiscontinued
Street Shots Photography PodcastAntonio M. Rosario, Tom MartinezDedicated20Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkContinued
Photography Podcast | INSPIRED EYEDon Springer & Olivier DuongDedicated10Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkDiscontinued
Magic Hour PodcastJordan WeitzmanEpisodes19Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkContinued
Out of Chicago PodcastChris SmithEpisodes3 / 54Category Streetopen in ITunescopy RSS linkContinued
Martin Bailey Photography PodcastMartin BaileyEpisodes2 / 615Category Streetopen in ITunescopy RSS linkContinued
Hashtagged PodcastJordan PowersEpisodes10 / 124Category Streetopen in iTunescopy RSS linkContinued
The Halftone PodcastEric MarthEpisodes? / 19Homepageopen in iTunescopy RSS linkDiscontinued

I used the free Feed Flipper website app to extract the dedicated RSS links from iTunes.

Stream and listen directly on

Those who would like to listen directly to a specific episode stream or download them directly in the browser via my collection:

The benefit of audio-only podcasts

Most people consume information primarily through the visual channel. The aural, audio only information input can also be a very effective way because the brain is enforced to process audio information in a linear manner. Depending on the length, narrative structure and interest in the topic, a listener can stay “tuned in” for a much longer when compared to a video podcast. Also, You will have free hands to continue shooting!

Please contribute to the list whenever an entry is still missing by writing in the comments below.

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