Intellectual Property Terms of Free Photo Sharing Websites

Intellectual Photo Property License Sharing Comparison

Comparing IP-License Terms of Social Photo Sharing Websites

Intellectual Photo Property Sharing

As photographers, we like to show and promote our work throughout the digital world. Nowadays we won’t come around using social media/photo sharing websites to do so. We have the choice between many web-services/companies and more often prefer free ones. By uploading our content we permit to display and share our works under a set of very specific Terms of Service. The TOS specify in legal terms what the company is allowed to do with our content, our Intellectual Property.

I wanted to know in detail to what I would give permission to when I upload one of my photos to such a free service. Also, I wanted to know what would happen if I decide to remove my content or account.

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Body Cap Lenses and Pinhole Lens Caps Comparison List

Body Cap Lenses. Pinhole Can-Camera Portraits, Photoville, New York City, 2016

Pinhole Can Camera Portraits, Photoville, New York City, 2016

Recently I bought the smallest digital Interchangeable Camera System from Craigslist. It´s called Q and it is made by Pentax (now Ricoh). The Pentax Q System consists of several Interchangeable Lenses and one of them is particularity interesting because it is very very slim, just 6.9 mm. It is the Pentax Q 07 Body Cap Lens aka the “Mount Shield Lens”. Body Cap Lenses have no focus mechanism and typically no aperture to choose from. What you gain from this minimalistic Zen-Design is the opportunity for real Snapshot Photography! This lens is by far not the only model around. Read on and compare available Body Cap Lenses and Pinhole Lens Caps for interchangeable Camera mounts…

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Fixed Prime Lens Cameras Comparison List

Ricoh GR Compact Camera

Ricoh GR – Compact Fixed Prime Lens Camera

My goal was to find a compact camera for everyday photography, with a wide-angle field of view and a fast, integrated prime lens. I wanted the best possible image quality in relation to a small body size/weight for a reasonable price.

Using DPreview´s camera feature search I identified and compared all camera models that are equipped with an integrated, fixed prime lens and sensors equal to or bigger than APS-C. My comparison showed that the Ricoh GR 3 is the smallest and Ricoh GR2 the lightest fixed Prime Lens Camera currently available. Read on and compare yourself…

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All Street Photography Podcasts List

Listening to Street Photography Podcasts

Listening to Street Photography Podcasts

I enjoy listening to Street Photography Podcasts whenever I can. The freely available podcasts are a great way to learn all about books, events, and people involved in this photographic genre. In this blog post, I put together a link list with still continued and discontinued Street Photography Podcasts.

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